Investing in purpose and hope

Susan Muzny and her husband, John, are very committed to serving the less fortunate, so committed, in fact, Susan had to delay her interview for this story when the local food pantry in Livingston received an unexpected delivery of twelve food pantry boxes instead of four and they needed all hands on deck to get the food unpacked. 

Susan muzny checks a client into the manna fest food pantry

Susan muzny checks a client into the manna fest food pantry

fresh carrots are bagged for hungry neighbors

fresh carrots are bagged for hungry neighbors

john muzny stocks manna fest shelves in livingston, TX

john muzny stocks manna fest shelves in livingston, TX

For their family, this is just part of who they are. “My parents were really involved in the church. They painted Sunday School rooms and sang in the choir; dad was up at the church almost every day fixing something. Mom was always making food for someone in need. John shared, “I grew up loving the church and I miss it when I don’t go.”

Her parents’ legacy of love for the church included generosity of time, talents, and gifts, all of which Susan has taken to heart. 

“Besides loving the church, my parents were frugal depression era kids; they grew up being taught to spend money carefully. They always made investments, though. That influenced us to invest and save, too,” she said, pausing. “One day I saw an ad in a Methodist magazine about UMDF. We decided investing with UMDF would be a way to get a good rate and help the people of the UMC and others. Then, I convinced my parents, aunt, and daughter to invest as well.”

UMDF is the United Methodist Development Fund - a United Methodist organization that not only offers loans to churches and investment opportunities, but also uses a significant portion of their net revenue to support the work of the church.

It was an excellent fit for the Muzny family. 

“We have stocks as well, but wanted to invest to help others.” Susan shared. “With UMDF, we know where our money is going. Since we have also started investing in socially conscious ways, we think UMDF is a perfect option.”

Besides her family’s strong influence, a United Methodist Women reading program book, Born on Third Base by Chuck Collins, impressed upon Susan the importance of investing in organizations that make a difference for the future and communities. This type of investing brings purpose and hope, which is exactly what UMDF strives to do. 

“We want our investments to make a difference. Investing with UMDF is a way to participate in other churches’ ministries,” she said with joy.

Susan and John are investing in churches and people they will never meet, because they believe in the church’s ability to reach people for Christ, change lives, and restore broken communities. Their investments have fed the hungry, housed the homeless, built churches and more.

Most investments merely build wealth. UMDF investments build community.

Do yours? 

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