The United Methodist Development Fund

Why choose umdf for your loan?

UMDF offers unparalleled expertise when it comes to church loans, not to mention competitive rates.

We understand churches better than your average lender, because we specialize in loans designed for churches and ministries. We are not only prepared to help you navigate the Book of Discipline's paragraph 2544, but our entire application process is designed with you in mind. Click here to learn more. 

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who is eligible to apply?

All United Methodist churches, organizations, boards, and agencies can apply for a loan with UMDF!


how are umdf loans possible?

Investors make UMDF loans possible to churches across the United States. Through the commitment of dedicated investors, who see competitive returns, we are able to support United Methodist churches and ministries as they work to reach their mission fields. 


What types of loans are available?



UMDF assists churches of all sizes refinance existing mortgage(s). We can also consolidate multiple loans into one new refinanced loan, which usually results in a lower overall payment.


New Construction

UMDF can finance your church’s new construction and provide the long term financing all in one transaction.


Church Expansion

UMDF provides financing for expansion of existing church space. Many United Methodist Churches have also consolidated their existing long-term loan, with new funds for church expansion into one new loan.


Property Purchases & Acquisitions

UMDF provides financing for the purchase of land, improvements, existing buildings, or other property.



UMDF assists churches of all sizes with the financing for renovation projects. Renovation loans have favorable terms which begin at $25,000. Many United Methodist Churches have also consolidated their existing long term loan, with new funds for renovations into one new loan.



How do I apply for a loan with UMDF?