The Right Fit

Valley Faith UMC is driven by mission and a clear sense of purpose.

With two main goals propelling their mission forward, they are on track to providing a safe sanctuary for children and creating a space that is open to the community for various ministries. Valley Faith dreamed of a pilot after-school program for the second and third grade students at the neighboring school, which would not only help that group of students, but would also guide the church as they determined what other needs they could meet. Without additional space, this ministry could not happen.

Valley Faith’s Choir

Valley Faith’s Choir

Beyond serving the neighboring children, Valley Faith sought to sponsor a breakfast program for the homeless, offer space for local NA members, partner with nine other churches to house the homeless during winter months, and host community events. These were ministry goals that their current space simply would not allow, either. But Valley Faith believed the addition of a modular building and extra parking would free them to do the mission work they felt called to do.

With just 95 attendees on average, including 21 children, Valley Faith set out to reach their goals.

At first, they considered using local banks to obtain a loan for their modular building and new parking lot, but after much consideration they decided to use The United Methodist Development Fund (UMDF) – a United Methodist organization that offers loans and investment opportunities to churches.

Pastor Arnel Clemente Preaching

Pastor Arnel Clemente Preaching

“We selected UMDF for two reasons,” Pastor Arnel Clemente emphasized. “First, local banks expected our church to pay a very high interest rate and UMDF’s rate was far more competitive. Second, we wanted to engage with UMDF, because we knew they were reinvesting their revenue in global missions and helping other churches. Since we believe our connectional system is important, we were not just thinking locally when we chose UMDF; we were thinking globally.”

As Valley Faith went through the application, UMDF asked the church to present how the project and loan payments would impact their ministries. This process helped the church develop a plan of action, so they would truly be able to live into their mission and their plan is working. Even though they are still building the modular structure, they have already paid it off!

“UMDF understood Valley Faith UMC. More importantly, they understood our context as a Filipino church and what we were trying to accomplish in missions. UMDF helped us develop a plan that was the best fit for our church.”

UMDF was a good fit for Valley Faith. Could it be for you?